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VENOM (Blu-ray + DVD Combo Pack)
PRICE: $29.98
Director: Piers Haggard

Stars: Sterling Hayden (Dr. Strangelove, The Godfather), Klaus Kinski (Nosferatu), Sarah Miles (Blow-Up), Nicol Williamson (Excalibur), Susan George (Straw Dogs), and Oliver Reed (Gladiator)
PRICE: $29.98
Director: John Moxey / Jeremy Summers

Stars: CIRCUS: Christopher Lee, Leo Genn, Klaus Kinski, Margaret Lee, Suzy Kendall / DRAGONS: Bob Cummings, Margaret Lee, Rupert Davies, Klaus Kinski, Maria Rohm, Maria Perschy, Brian Donlevy, Dan Duryea, George Raft, and Christopher Lee
MANHATTAN BABY (3-Disc Limited Edition)
PRICE: $39.98
Director: Lucio Fulci

Stars: Christopher Connelly, Martha Taylor, Brigitta Boccoli, Giovanni Frezza
99 WOMEN (3-Disc Limited Edition)
PRICE: $49.98
Director: Jess Franco (Venus in Furs, Sadomania)

Stars: Maria Schell (The Odessa File), Mercedes McCambridge (All the King's Men), Maria Rohm (Eugenie), Rosalba Neri (The Castle of Fu Manchu) and Herbert Lom (Mark of the Devil)
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